Monday, June 14, 2010

Bola Jambulani

Bola Jambulani melayang layang
Sampai tergolek dalam gol lawan
Harapan hati mabuk kepayang
Tak tercapai hajat dan impian

Jatuh tergolek dalam gol lawan
Malunya nak hadap penyokong
Luruh dan robek segala impian
Malunya nak balik kampung

Malunya nak hadap penyokong
Terpaksa keluar padang sendiri
Malunya nak balik kampung
Terpaksa jauh menghilang diri


Wan Sharif said...

Salam Ninotaziz,
I am very glad to know that some you are keeping track of Pantun.
When I was a lil bit younger, some 38 years ago.. I met one Trengganu middle-aged lady at pesta pantai, Batu Burok, KT..
Wow she can berpantun all the time I was with her (some 2 hours or so) and her pantun was so nice.. cukup dengan resonance, sukukata and all.. how I wish I had recorded her pantuns..
Wish you have others who are as committed!

ninotaziz said...

Dear Saudara Wan Sharif,

Thank you. I am not very good at it and have to work hard at it. I am hoping that practise will make perfect.

I read a book - Pantun Alam Melayu by Francois Rene Daillie, a Frenchman totally in love with the Malay pantun and began to appreciate our true heritage.

There is a kite-flyer in Terengganu - Halim - a good friend who dedicates his life, and that of his family, to the beauty of the wau.

This is what I am trying to do to keep the heritage alive. It has to be part of our daily life.


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