Monday, August 23, 2010

Sinar Runduk Malam

Mega kuning dini hari
Sinar naik di awangan
Rasa runsing di hati sepi
Di manakah kayangan

Mega biru saujana indah
Tak seindah mega malam
Jiwa resah gulana gundah
Tiada sudah kiriman salam

Mega merah petang hari
Mendung awan lara
Patah arah hilang hati
Rundung dan sengsara

Sunrise sunset

Golden halo upon the skies
Sunrise paints the heavens
Long ago I came nigh
In search for my Eden

Vincent's sky of blue hues
Brilliant starry starry night
Enveloped by the moody blues
A lovers' spat failed to see light

A burst of wine stricken clouds
Purveyor of darkened hours ahead
My happiness veiled in a shroud
My heart and soul in shreds
Le Soleil

Le soleil peintures
du ciel la lumière d'or
Je suis presque pour
recherche de mon Eden


Wan Sharif said...

Salam Ninot,
Hopefully it is just your creation.. not so much a mirror to you inner feeling..
The pantun accompanied by a beautiful and relevant picture..
It is a pantun echoing the feeling of a lover being away from his/her loved one.. ah those younger days..

ninotaziz said...

Dear Ayoh Wang,
The truth is, dear hubby has been my sure bet muse for the last 13 years. Small happiness, slight misunderstandings trigger off tsunamis in my heart like no one else.

So while this is way more creation than fact, my better half inspires most of my creative work.

I sometimes think it is better not to love so much...


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