Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jauhari Mengenal Manikam

Jauhari mengenal manikam
Bersinar di atas baldu
Kaca memancar lagi menikam
Menyusuk hati palsu

Jauhari tidak tertipu...

The Diamond

The diamond bedazzles
Upon dark velvet
Yet the shining crystals
Hoaxed all wallets

But not the king's jeweler...

Le Diamant

Le diamant brille
Sur de velours sombre
Pourtant, les cristaux aussi
Berné tout le monde

Mais ce n'est pas le roi bijoutier ...

Though almost a direct translation from the Malay version, the French and English poems are straightforward as read. The Malay pantun however has a second tiered meaning, subtle as it is which is totally different - a metaphor as it were.


Brian Miller said...

and what is it that the jeweler sees that we can not passed the twinkle in our eyes...smiles.

nice one shot!

Al-Manar said...

I am delighted to see a simple message being turned into something beautiful. That is what a jauhari is.

Al-Manar said...

May I ask for a special favour? Whenever you have some time to spare please put into English the poem in the following posting.

E-mail it to me. Thank you.


With your permission I inrend to respond to your comment, citing your pantun (in three languages) on Jauhari.

KB said...

Diamonds are a King's best friend? Hehe!

dustus said...

King Jewelers develop a keen eye, to observe beyond what mesmerizes others... love jauhari. thank you

anthonynorth said...

Loved this one. So true.

Shashi said...

What jeweler has can be amorous too... unlike cold cut diamond..
Liked reading it.. thanks

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Om Namah Shivaya
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ninotaziz said...

Dear Brian,

Thank you. This is another blog of mine based on Malay Pantun. Hope you like your visit here.

Dear Pakcik,
The pleasure is all mine. And I'd love to write Pencapaian in English. It was a heartfelt poem, if I remember correctly and therefore, I will spend some time fine-tuning the English version.

And please do...a poet loves to be read!

Dear KB,
Yes, I am sure. For Kings can afford them better than us poor ladies!

Dear Dustus,
Your comment shows that you can see straight into the heart of the message of the poem. Thank you!

Dear Anthony,
Thank you. Just to let you know, when I was asked by Poets United to name my top three favorite writer blogs - it was a tough choice for me, but yours was a sure bet!

Thank you Shashi ! I hope you enjoyed your visit here!

Shigune Matsui said...

I love it! Wanna see my poem? It's at http://thelunaticsdiary.blogspot.com

Eric Alder said...

ALL jewels hoax our wallets. They're just fancy, polished-up rocks valued more for appearance than intrinsic worth.

Nice One Shot!

Beachanny said...

Cutting through the chaff to get to the wheat; not bedazzled by a fake but knowing a true heart. Great metaphor. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Your poem is a small, beautiful gem :)

Wan Sharif said...

l'écrivain est comme le diamant .. brillant


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